Windows 10 FREE upgrade ending soon

Microsoft is ending its FREE upgrade to Windows 10 on 29 July 2016

Microsoft is ending its FREE upgrade to Windows 10 on 29 July 2016.

Microsoft is ending its FREE upgrade to Windows 10 on 29 July 2016 – the one year anniversary of when the product was launched.

After 29 July, you’ll be able to continue to get Windows 10 on a new device, or purchase a full version of Windows 10 Home for $179. Windows 10 Pro, which is suitable for business owners, will cost $299.

Matthew and I upgraded to Windows 10 almost a year ago, following a Microsoft product launch hosted by the Toowoomba IT Community group. We both love the product. It has lots of similarities to Windows 7 and includes usability features over Windows 8. It performs very well on modern hardware and has more built-in security.

Key features:

  1. Microsoft has reinstalled the Start Menu in Windows 10 and added a few clever tricks.
  2. Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, will appeal to those of you will regularly use Siri or Google Now.
  3. Touch, type, write or speak – the choice is yours. You can use whatever works best for what you’re doing.
  4. Continuum, the new operating system, enables you to switch the interface between the PC-friendly desktop and a Windows 8-like mode that’s better suited for fingers, depending on how you’re using the device.
  5. Windows 10’s new browser, Microsoft Edge, enables you to write, type or even use your fingertips to draw directly on pages and share them with others.

Please talk to us before upgrading to Windows 10. It’s a great product, but it will not be an option in certain business environments. We can perform a compatibility audit and determine which version of Windows is best for your business.

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