Ben Dampney chats to WIN News Toowoomba about NBN

Ben Dampney chats to WIN News about NBN

Ben Dampney chats to WIN News Toowoomba about NBN.

Did you see Ben Dampney chat to Maggie Raworth from WIN News Toowoomba about the NBN recently? Head to the Digit IT Facebook page to watch the interview in case you missed it.

We’ve also summarized and answered some of their questions and Ben’s answers below:

How has the adoption of the NBN changed internet speeds / connectivity? 

The adoption of the NBN has drastically improved speeds and connectivity for businesses we work with. For our business, the ability to download tools and utilities we use for our clients has gone from 1 hour to 5 minutes in some circumstances.

What impact has the NBN had on small business?

The NBN allows small businesses to use cloud based services they previously could not access. For example a small business can now use a hosted phone service, reducing their phone bill by up to 70% and in many cases, removing the need to purchase a costly phone system.

Another example is Office 365 which allows small businesses to have enterprise grade services without purchasing servers and software.

A report has found that the NBN has added an extra 400 million to GDP – do you think it has improved the bottom line / profitability for small business?

In our experience the NBN has the ability to drastically reduce communications and IT infrastructure costs for small businesses.

We have helped businesses reduce communications bills by $5,400 per year. We have also helped them use cloud services rather than purchase hardware and software to the order of $10,000 which in small businesses is a significant investment.

How have you found the NBN rollout? 

The NBN rollout has been pretty good for the businesses we have helped moved onto it. NBNCo have provided some great information on timelines to us and our providers and in turn we have been able to help clients be aware of what’s happening.

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