Digit IT Alert: KRACK Wireless Vulnerability

You may have heard in the news over the last few days about a vulnerability in wireless security.

What is it?

Known as KRACK, the vulnerability theoretically allows someone to intercept wireless traffic between a wireless endpoint (laptop, tablet, phone etc) and a wireless access point. If this wireless traffic is unencrypted, then potentially it can be accessed by the attacker. Encrypted traffic is information that is secured whilst it is being transmitted.

Am I at risk?

Theoretically, all wireless traffic using WPA2, which is most commonly used to encrypt traffic, is vulnerable. In real world terms however, the risk is minimal. It would require a motivated attacker to be physically in range of your wireless network, with the right tools to attempt to access your unencrypted traffic. Secure, encrypted website traffic, should be safe. Normal files sent over wireless would be an example of a potential risk.

How do I protect myself?

Make sure all devices connecting to your wireless network are up to date. That means applying all Windows Updates on Microsoft operating systems like Windows 10 or Windows 7. You should also update any mobile phones and tablets as soon as your vendor makes updates available. Unfortunately, there may be a delay for Android and Apple users whilst these companies work on an update. Your wireless access point will also need updating. There are updates available from many vendors, but some are yet to release them. This vulnerability also includes your home wireless network and any other wireless network you connect to.

How can Digit IT help?

Digit IT will be in contact with all our of regular maintenance clients over the coming days if we think your network is vulnerable. Otherwise, we will discuss this issue when we next visit. At any point, if you are unsure or worried, our advice is to disable wireless on your network until you have talked with us.

Where can I learn more?

More information about the KRACK Wireless Vulnerability http://krackattacks.com

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