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Ben Dampney chats to WIN News Toowoomba about NBN

Ben chats to WIN News about NBN

Did you see Ben Dampney chat to Maggie Raworth from WIN News Toowoomba about the NBN recently? Head to the Digit IT Facebook page to watch the interview in case you missed it. We’ve also summarized and answered some of their questions and Ben’s answers below: How has

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Google 2-step Verification

Woman's hands Googling on electronic device.Woman hands holding and touching on Apple iPad mini with Google search web page on a screen.

Are you already using Google 2-step Verification? If not, this is something you should consider. As per previous newsletters, cybercrime is on the rise and it is easier than you think for someone to steal your password. Once someone has your password they can lock you out

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Datto SIRIS 2

Datto Siris 2

What is your recovery plan? How long can your business survive without its core IT systems? How long could you continue to operate without access to email, client records, accounting records and computer files? A day, a week, a month? What is Datto SIRIS 2? Datto SIRIS

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Server Rack Cleanup Project

We recently undertook a rack cleanup for a client. The old setup had cables and components everywhere. It was very difficult to get to individual components and troubleshooting issues was hard. Cleanup was completed after-hours and included labelling and documentation. The end result is a more stable

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Reconnect to SharePoint mapped drive

Digit IT's How To Series answers common IT questions.

Are you having an issue connecting to your SharePoint mapped drive? If so, try these tips: Add Security Trusts to Internet Explorer Why: …. How: Open Internet Explorer Click the Gear/Cog icon to access Internet Explorer options Click the Security Tab Click Local intranet Click Sites Untick

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We’re Hiring Computer Technician

We're Hiring! Digit IT is looking for a Computer Technician who has experience looking after multiple Small to Medium IT networks.

Computer Technician Are you looking for a fun, challenging, dynamic role? Do you want to work where part of your day includes playing with the latest technologies and actively researching the latest trends? Do you want to have the ability to help grow the company you are working for and benefit accordingly? Find out more

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Microsoft’s underwater data centre trial

Microsoft is currently testing one of its first underwater data centres.

I love Microsoft’s trial to move data centres underwater! It’s such a bold, innovative and logical idea. Microsoft is currently testing one of its first underwater data centres. Project Natick commenced in late 2014 and involved submerging a data capsule 1km off the California coast from August

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New Telstra phone scam

Digit IT is warning people to be aware of a new phone scam.

I’ve seen a lot of computer scams over the years, but this week I received a call from a distraught home computer owner, who became a victim of a new, nasty extortion attempt. The scam started in a familiar way – the lady received a call from

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Android malware targets bank apps

The Australian Government has issued the following ‘High Priority Alert’: Security researchers have detected malware that aims to steal login credentials from mobile banking applications provided by leading Australian and New Zealand banks. The malware targets users of smartphones and other devices running the Android mobile operating

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How To Change your Office 365 password

Digit IT's How To Series answers common IT questions.

Sign in to Office 365 with your email address and password:             2. Click the Settings Icon (the Cog/Gear icon between the Alarm Bell and Question Mark:       3. Click Office 365 Settings           4.

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